The Recipe for a Happy Life

  • Wake up well rested
  • Set attainable objectives
  • Get offline and move
  • Spend time with my loved ones
  • Create beautiful things
  • Have faith in the support of my community
  • Do what makes me happy
  • Reflect on my daily progress
  • Go to bed satisfied

It sounds laughably simplistic. Life is too hectic for that! Come on, be realistic, if life were that easy then I wouldn’t be so frustrated!
I hear you but I swear to you, it can be done!

About Me

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Misty.

I’m an American immigrant in Belgium on a never-ending journey to find simple happiness through the act of using my own two hands and my extensive craft supply collection to create the world I want to live in.

I have been creating things ever since I opened my grandmother’s cookie tin and found a treasure trove of buttons to play with. I’m a multi-passionate creator with a lifelong challenge of keeping my projects organized and staying motivated. 

My passions are teaching, writing and working with my hands. I want to approach my home like a museum, carefully curating every single object and decoration within these walls so that everywhere I look, I am filled with a sense of peace. I want to live a low-waste, sustainable lifestyle with a focus on supporting local small businesses.

I want my family and guests to feel calm and refreshed the moment they walk in the door of our home. I want friends and neighbours to spontaneously appear at my doorstep because they know that on such and such day I’m planning to just craft in the garden and they’d like to bring their own projects to join me.

My guiding values are compassion, community, solidarity, sustainability and a love of nature.My guiding values are compassion, community, solidarity, sustainability and a love of nature. I have spent my professional life up to now simply doing whatever seemed like the best choice to pay my bills and just get by. Only recently have I gotten brave enough to strike out on my own and let my values lead me towards a more fulfilling and creative career.

About the site

In the archeological record, one of the very first signs of human habitation is the art that our ancestors left behind. In the modern world, it is often considered strange and pointless to create just for the sake of making your world more beautiful. If you sew, people will inevitably ask if you take commissions. If you paint, people will ask if you plan to show your work in a gallery and become a professional painter.

Creating for a sense of calm and happiness is often considered a waste of time. Even I have fallen into the trap of staring longingly at my creative project for days on end but not allowing myself to dive into it because there’s “more important” things that I should be doing.

One of the hardest parts of being creative is getting through blockages. Either you aren’t in the right mindset to create, you haven’t taken care of your basic human needs, or you simply have that one step that you don’t know how to do so the entire project gets thrown back in the box and forgotten. I’ve not only been there, that’s where I live!

I aim to help scatterbrained creatives like myself organise their projects and supplies, shout out for help or motivation as needed and cheer one another on. Many people enjoy being creative but sometimes it can get lonely. You might need another pair of hands for a large project or you might be stuck on a frustrating step of a project and need someone to cheer you on or offer a fresh perspective. Eventually, I would like to build an online community and mobile app where creative people can support one another on the journey to improve their homes and lives through creating beautiful things.

For now, this website is filled with recipes and tutorials which I truly believe are within the grasp of anyone, not just people who consider themselves creative. Every time I complete one of my tons of projects, I will write up an explanation to share with you. I’ll also include a number of posts where I talk about the various aspects of life which have an inarguable effect on the lifestyle I’m trying to live.

By visiting this site, I hope that you can gradually find yourself agreeing with these statements regarding creativity. You don’t have to be an expert! You don’t have to be talented. You don’t have to make it your side hustle! You don’t have to do it as a form of activism. You don’t need a larger purpose behind your creative expression, you can give yourself permission to make things just for the joy of it.

I aim to help people understand that creativity is part of what makes us human and is a basic human need. I aim to help you discover how you, yourself, can create your own happiness.

“Clear instructions for projects that are amazingly easy. The hostess, Misty, has great tips and tricks to help get around experience levels, suggestions for how to create the projects from even simple things found around the house if dedicated crafting supplies are in short supply.”

Melody Ilola