Create Happiness

I’m a compassionate creative working towards building a happy life, one creative project at a time.

What are you creating today?

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Relax while reading the blog, try new recipes and projects, restore your body and soul with our classes, and feel better about yourself while filling your home and your life with beautiful things.


I offer free tutorials and recipes on this website for you to try your hand at some of our favourite creative projects.

I’ve been an English teacher since 2011 and while I’m focusing my energy on the Create Happiness project, I still currently offer two English conversation classes through the Cultural Centre of Marchin. The next sessions begin in October 2020.

I offer custom help for creative people to organise their supplies, their projects, and their lives to make concrete progress towards their life satisfaction through the unlimited benefits of creative self expression.

Soon I will be able to provide a variety of creative classes open to people of all skill levels. Some of our classes will be available online to study in your free time or given as live video workshops while yet others will be offered to our local community.

I will offer Bring-Your-Own-Project days where you can spend the day working on your current passion while relaxing in a peaceful setting, giving yourself permission to let go of your stress and enjoy the bliss of simply creating.

I will offer weekend and eventually week-long themed creative retreats in beautiful locations around Belgium where you can bring your current projects and work on them without interruption while collaborating your efforts with like minded individuals.

We have paused all of our workshops and classes until at least September 2020 . In the meantime, why not join the Create Happiness community over on Facebook to meet some like-minded people and share your creations!

For more general information on who we are and simple projects that you can do, please visit our Facebook page.

What is Create Happiness?

Create Happiness is in its infancy. We are working towards our official launch and look forward to announcing when it will be…just as soon as we know ourselves!

Eventually we hope to be a thriving community of creative people enjoying a free exchange of skills, supplies, motivation and knowledge.

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English Conversation Tables

€ 35 / trimester

Courses organised through the

Centre Culturel de Marchin

Create Happiness
Facebook COmmunity


We invite you to become one of the founding members of the thriving community we hope to become.

Questions or Suggestions ?

Create Happiness is still in its infancy and I’m hoping to see it become so much more as the project grows and evolves. If you have any suggestions for services I can offer or ways that I can make this website easier for you to use, please let me know!

Create Happiness

Founded in 2020 by Misty Bourlart, Create Happiness, is a place for multi-passionate creatives to feel free to explore their endless projects

Do you have questions about our website or the classes we offer here?

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