My life in five years, if all goes according to plan…

So, let’s pretend five years have passed. My business is booming and things are going well for us. Here is what my goals are for my ideal life five years from now…

I wake up in the morning a little before my family and have a coffee while I journal for a little while and prepare my agenda for the day.

Once Lily (and the boys if they’re still living at our house) wake up, I join them for breakfast and help them get out the door to school or work.

If the weather permits, Lily, the dog and I walk together to her school and then the pup and I walk back up the hill. She’s getting a bit old so it takes us a while to get home but there’s no rush anymore.

When I get home, I check the plants, do a little yoga, reading or meditation, listen to the birds and clear my head. Once in a while, one of my friends or a coaching client stops by during this downtime and we chat over a cup of tea. 

I then head in the house and go up to my workshop. I’ve worked hard to make it a beautiful and constructive haven. All of my crafting and sewing supplies are easy to find and easy to hide out of sight when I need to stay concentrated. My worktable doubles as a desk for one-on-one workshops and appointments. I’ve got a audio-visual devices around the room so that at any moment I can start a live video to hangout with other creatives around the world.

I try to alternate my days, one day I work on my own creative projects, one day I work on projects for the blog, one day I develop products to sell, one day I write a blog post. This room has become one of my favorite places in the world and every minute spent in here recharges my batteries.

When I finish work for the day, if I have time, I head either to the reading room to work on whichever book I’m currently working through or down to the kitchen to bake some snacks.

At 3pm, I walk down to Lily’s school to fetch her and we have a snack together before cleaning the house and playing or creating things together.

Most evenings, the whole family eats dinner together and we watch a little Netflix before heading to bed to get a full night’s sleep for another day.

I spend no more than one weeknight teaching workshops or classes away from my family. I am so happy to have the ability to snuggle and read to my daughter nearly every single night before she falls asleep and to have plenty of relaxed time to spend with my husband once the house is quiet.

Some of my days are different. From time to time, I have a full day workshop to teach. Once in a while, I invite a creative person I know to come to the house and teach me (on video) how to do something I’ve never done before. Sometimes I have an appointment with a coaching client to help them develop their own creativity.

A few times per year, I have a creative retreat to lead. These can be one weekend or sometimes a full week. I rent one of the MANY castles or B&B’s in my area and spend an extended period of time working on projects with my clients and giving them the encouragement they need to move forward.

We live a comfortable life. I earn enough money through my various revenue sources that Phil and I can afford to pay all of our bills with no stress. We go on our two week family vacation to Spain every summer and once in a while we splurge on a special family trip to the states, Guadeloupe or someplace else.

I’m relaxed and happy. I have a lot of things going on in my job but they’re ALL things which bring me joy and so I’m very rarely stressed out by my work. I earn enough that I can afford to outsource those aspects of my job which bring me stress and concentrate instead on just those aspects which bring me joy.

Our home is nicely decorated and filled with handmade, one-of-a-kind items. Our garden overflows with easy-to-maintain and edible plants. Every member of the family has a favorite spot int he home where they can relax and recharge their batteries.

First thing every morning and last thing every night, I sit in my bed to count my blessings, and all of you are included.

I create. I’m happy. My family is calm, relaxed and happy. Life is good.

By Misty Rae

I'm a 37 year old American who lives in Belgium. I spend the majority of my time being a wife, mother and homemaker. During the Belgian school year I teach a immersion English classes to children through the school Kids&Us in Hannut and I also volunteer as a teacher for the Marchin Cultural Center's weekly English Conversation Classes.

My hobbies include medieval reenactment, bobbin lace-making, creating delicious treats in the kitchen as well as creating various beautiful objects to fill my home.

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