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Choosing a wedding dress is hard, especially when you’re someone who wants to make as many things yourself as possible!

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I was never really one of those little girls who dreams about her wedding dress. I never really started thinking about what I’d want to look like until I was in my mid twenties.

This is often one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning but I found a great way to remove some of the burden from my shoulders.

Originally I was going to make my dress. I have a pattern on hand which I bought many years ago and still love.

McCall’s Pattern 4713

I fell in love with this pattern in part because they had a fashion doll sized version of it available as well. What a sweet idea, make matching dolls for my flower girls!

McCall’s Pattern 4740

I was so excited to make this dress for myself… until I started looking at fabric prices. I would be spending more or less 400 euros simply for the fabric!

I started to ask myself some hard questions. Would I have the time to make it? How much stress would I be bringing down upon myself if I sewed this myself? Did I even have enough sewing experience to be ABLE to make this dress?

My fiancé wasn’t overly fond of this dress at all. Would it be worth it to spend all that time and effort making a dress that my future husband wouldn’t even like?

We decided to scrap the ‘make my own dress’ idea completely. I spent a week looking for affordable wedding dresses available online and the next time the boys were home we sat down as a family to look through them all in hopes of finding one that everybody would like.

Finally, there it was!Oooh, now this is pretty... Trumpet / Mermaid Off-the-shoulder Chapel Train Lace Wedding Dress - € 200.49

This dress was fantastic! It was on sale for about 160 €.

Even though I had to pay about 50% of the price in taxes, the total price paid for the dress was less than half of what I would have spent on fabric to make my own. When I noticed that the dress would be custom-made to my measurements I no longer had any reason to hesitate.

I was so nervous about ordering a wedding dress online but I couldn’t have been happier with the results. The dress fit like a glove the first time I put it on and I received many compliments throughout the ceremony.

The only alteration that I had to do was to shorten the sleeves as I didn’t like the length of them.

The next time I need a quality dress on a budget I will be sure to shop here again.


By Create Happiness

I am a compassionate creative person on a quest to create the happy life I've always dreamed of, one happy little crafting moment at a time.

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